Newly Published

  • Vineet Nagrath, Christian Schlegel, “SmartTS: A Component-based and Model-Driven Approach to Software Testing in Robotic Software Ecosystem”. International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications (IJACSA), pages 11-22, 12 (7), 2021., (Open Access) Download
  • Christian Schlegel, Alex Lotz, Matthias Lutz, Dennis Stampfer, “Composition, Separation of Roles and Model-Driven Approaches as Enabler of a Robotics Software Ecosystem”. In: Cavalcanti A., Dongol B., Hierons R., Timmis J., Woodcock J. (eds) Software Engineering for Robotics. Springer, Cham., 2021. (Open Access) Download
  • Christian Schlegel, Dennis Stampfer, Alex Lotz, Matthias Lutz, “Robot Programming”. Chapter 8 in book Mechatronics and Robotics: New Trends and Challenges, Marina Indri and Roberto Oboe (editors), CRC Press, 2020. Link

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Other Publications

  • Zeljko Loncaric, Christian Schlegel and Matthias Lutz. “Module für autonome kooperative und kollaborative Roboter.” In Elektronik Praxis – Embedded System Development + IOT II,Vogel Verlag, 42-44, September 2018. Download
  • 06.02.2019 Mensch, Roboter!
  • Christian Schlegel. Servicerobotik 1: Dienstleistung setzt Ortskenntnis voraus. In Forschungswerk, Seiten 40-43, ISBN 978-3-9810998-2-9, Hochschule Ulm, 2009
  • Christian Schlegel. Servicerobotik 2: Das Problem Softwarekomplexität ist lösbar, In Forschungswerk, Seiten 44-47, ISBN 978-3-9810998-2-9, Hochschule Ulm, 2009
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