This page provides an overview of published Technical Report of the ZAFH Technical Report Series ISSN 1868-3452. The focus is to describe technical details behind implementations of certain concepts in SmartSoft.

ACE/SmartSoft – Technical Details and Internals

This technical report describes technical details in the implementation of the SmartSoft idea based on the Adaptive Communication Environment (ACE) communication middleware. The first part describes the implementation of the Naming Service as a global directory service which is used internally in all communication patterns of ACE/SmartSoft to establish connections irrespective of where a component is currently running. The second part provides implementation details for the mapping of communication patterns onto the message based middleware in ACE. Next, the implementation of the base infrastructure in the component hull based on ACE is described in the third part. Finally, some details for a SmartSoft user are presented in the last part.

Get the Technical Report online: ZAFH-TR-01-2010-ISSN-1868-3452.pdf

SmartSoft – The State Management of a Component

The focus in this technical report is on the state management of a component provided by the State Pattern in SmartSoft. The first part describes the implementation of the original State Pattern as introduced in PhD Thesis (Schlegel). The second part provides details for the implementation of the concept for a generic state automaton in a component. The concept is described in the set of slides attached as appendix in the technical report. At the end, a short source code example shows some details for the usage of the generic state automaton in a component.

Get the Technical Report online: ZAFH-TR-01-2011-ISSN-1868-3452.pdf