Modellbasierte System- und Software-Entwicklungsmethoden für Robotik-Systeme


  • Alex Lotz, Arne Hamann, Ingo Lütkebohle, Dennis Stampfer, Matthias Lutz, Christian Schlegel. Modeling Non-Functional Application Domain Constraints for Component-Based Robotics Software Systems. In 6th International Workshop on Domain-Specific Languages and models for ROBotic systems (DSLRob-15). PDF.
  • Lotz, A., Hamann, A., Lange, R., Heinzemann, C., Staschulat, J., Kesel, V., Stampfer, D., Lutz, M., and Schlegel, C. (2016). Combining Robotics Component-Based Model-Driven Development with a Model-Based Performance Analysis. In IEEE International Conference on Simulation, Modeling, and Programming for Autonomous Robots (SIMPAR), San Francisco, CA, USA.

Project Information

3rd Party Funding Robert Bosch GmbH
Project Type Bilateral cooperation
Duration 1.6.2014 – 31.12.2016
Contact Hochschule Ulm Prof. Dr. Christian Schlegel