ACE/SmartSoft  2.1.1
SmartSoft Documentation

This software package contains an ACE based implementation of the SmartSoft communication patterns. The SmartSoft framework provides a component approach based on communication patterns and has been designed for robotics software. However, the framework is not limited at all to robotics applications.

The SmartSoft API is used by the SmartMDSD Toolchain as a basis for platform independent code generation. Further information on existing components based on SmartSoft can be found in the component doxygen documentation.

The set of communication patterns comprises the following patterns:


The framework explicitly supports dynamic wiring of components at run time by a separate wiring-pattern. Dynamic wiring can be considered as the pattern of robotics. Making both the control flow and the data flow configurable from outside a component is for example the key to situated skill compositions and is required in nearly any robotic architecture. The dynamic wiring pattern tightly interacts with the communication primitives and makes one of the major difference to other approaches.

Additionally patterns mainly for user convenience are for example

Finaly some global Typedefs, Enumerations and Functions are defined in namespace CHS.