Installation of SmartSLAM

Install dependences

  1. openCV 2.x
  2. player (recent stable version) only if player wrapper is wanted
  3. smartSoft only if smartSoft wrapper is wanted
  4. mrpt (0.7.1)

Get SmartSLAM from

svn co smartSlam

Build SmartSLAM using Eclipse(CDT)

To build the SmartSLAM application, an eclipse project file is included.

There are three different build targets:

  1. Simulation wrapper => Uses files from previous runs as data input
  2. SmartSoft wrapper => Uses the SmartSoft framework and the smartPioneerBaseServer, smartImageSever as data in-/output. The smartSoft wrapper is delivered in the main SVN repository of smartSoft, available via sourceforge!
  3. Player wrapper => Uses player as data input.

For evaluation purposes we recommend using the simulation wrapper together with an ready to use dataset which is available under (take a look at manual contained in the dataset file!):

To use the algorithm on a real robot we recommend using the smartSoft wrapper and the SmartSoft framework!

Import SmartSlam into eclipse:

  1. Open a recent version of eclipse, containing the CDT plug-in.
  2. Select "Import" in the "File" menu.
  3. Select "Existing Project into Workspace"
  4. Select the "smartslam/trunk/BearingOnlySLAM" directory, that has been previously checked out.
  5. You should now get "BearingOnlySLAM" as Project to import in the list.
  6. confirm with "Finish".

If everything worked all right so far, there should be the BearingOnlySLAM project in the Navigator of eclipse.

Now you are ready to build the application. Before hand it might be necessary to select the build configuration depending on the target you want to build:

  1. Click right on the "BearingOnlySLAM" project in the Navigator, and select "Build Configurations", "Set active" and BUILD_CONFIGURATION.
  2. Click right on the "BearingOnlySLAM" project in the Navigator, select "Build Project".

If everything worked all right there should new be a directory with an executable matching the build configuration you choose, within the BearingOnlySlam checkout.

Configure SmartSLAM

configure SmartSLAM using the *BearingOnlySlam.ini files, depending on the wanted target: Special care has to be taken for those values containing an absolute path.

Run SmartSLAM

To start the application execute the compiled algorithm with the previously configured ini file as parameter:

simulated_Release/simulatedBearingOnlySlam simulationWrapper/simulatedBearingOnlySlam.ini


An instruction how to run the BearingOnlySlam application in an simulated mode with files based data source, is available together with an complete dataset under: